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    Friends of the Humanities
    Supporting the humanities
    in our community.
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    Service to the University
    We support humanities projects
    with grants for UL professors.
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Friends of the Humanities has provided in excess of $500,000 for grants and other financial support to the University of Louisiana Lafayette Humanities programs during its 31-year history.

As Dr. Joseph Savoie, UL Lafayette President, noted in his Fall 2019 address to faculty and staff, "UL Lafayette remains dependent on self-generated revenue following nearly a decade of state cuts to higher educatioh funding. During the 2008-09 fiscal year, the University received 66 percent of its revenue from the State; in 2018-19, it received 27 percent." The need to support the Friends' chosen academic area, the Humanities, is greater today than it has ever been.

Humanities comprise almost 50% of the core requirements for all UL Lafayette students including those studying engineering, business and technology. Dean Jordan Kellman stresses that "Humanities education offers the best preparation for personal and professional success in a complex and rapidly changing world."

Join Friends of the Humanities today. Help us support UL Lafayette humanities. All donations are tax-deductible gifts as no goods or services are received in return for your contribution.

Category of Membership: Amicus Excellentissimus ($5,000 and above)
Amicus Magnus ($100.00-$249.00)
Amicus Augustus ($1,000-$4,999)
Amicus Illustrius ($500-$999)
Amicus Superior ($250-$499)
Couple ($75.00)
Individual ($40.00)
UL Lafayette Faculty ($25.00)

Complete the Membership Form and Interest Survey. You can pay through paypal below.


Supporting the Humanities

Friends of the Humanities is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to provide support to the interdisciplinary humanities programs at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and to encourage life-long learning experiences for its members.

Ongoing Support

  • Founding patron of the Ernest Gaines Center
  • Established the Humanities Resource Center in Griffin Hall
  • Established an Endowed Professorship in the Humanities at UL in 1997
  • Funds the annual Darrell Bourque Award for the Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture
  • Funds the Mathe Allain Fellowship each semester to assist Humanities faculty in course enhancement
  • Provides grants each semester for instructional materials in humanities classrooms
  • Established and funds the Gloria Fiero Lecture Series
  • Honors the Friends of the Humanities Founders’ Award


"Friends of the Humanities have made a bigger difference in the humanities at UL Lafayette over the past three decades than any other group or organization."

Jordan Kellman
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

“Our faculty and programs have benefited from the scholarships and grants from The Friends. We are indebted to them for their support."

H. Gordon Brooks II,
FAIA Dean, College of the Arts

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